Family Stories

“They have been a tremendous help navigating our way through IEPs and the public school system. They have a plethora of ideas, and valuable knowledge, and experience. They navigate these meetings with calm and finesse. I highly recommend Creating Opportunities to assist you with advocacy for persons experiencing disabilities.”

“Very well informed and helpful staff! Excellent family resource.”

“Creating Opportunities has helped my family for six years. In that time I have received amazing family support, IEP training, and parent trainings. Events we have attended and skills that my family has gained have opened doors for my son. It has been amazing to see him thrive in school and to see him become such an amazing support and friend of mine. Our family is thankful for Creating Opportunities and all of its associates.”

“We’ve made so many new friends and connections. Creating Opportunities taught us to use our voices and advocate.”

“I am a teacher and I will surely be telling my fellow teachers about Creating Opportunities and its resources.”

“Creating Opportunities has had a tremendous impact on our family. We are able to take part in community activities and feel more informed and included. Cheryl has been an amazing advocate and support for our family. Thank you!”

“They help me out so much during their events. I feel like we belong and the other people and staff there understand and help out. Thank you.”

“What a great resource for our community. The training I attended was excellent.”

“Because of my involvement, I learned how to be an effective advocate and have since been able to teach those skills to our son so that he can now advocate for himself. We learned as a family how to empower ourselves through research, networking, and making connections in our community.”

“This organization has helped our family so much in such a short amount of time. We are too blessed.”

“What a fabulous resource for our communities! Kind, positive and passionate staff are dedicated to building up and empowering families. Creating Opportunities provides meaningful ways to connect with other families, help navigating systems, excellent trainings that empower people to thrive, and opportunities for fun and relaxation and celebration!”

“They provide wonderful social and community experiences for those who may not be able to afford it otherwise. My grandchildren have made some great friends through this organization!”

“Creating Opportunities gave me the courage, skills, and the knowledge necessary to advocate for my daughter. We would not be where we are today without them.”

“Cheryl has been a life-saver at the IEP Meetings. She has guided me so that my daughter has the opportunity to be in a classroom with appropriate age peers.”

“Creating Opportunities has been amazing for our little family. It has helped us become part of the community and make friends who are sure to become lifelong friends. Cheryl did our IEP and was awesome. She streamlined the entire meeting. Rebecca, the ERC Program Director, has become a good friend and is an excellent source of information. There are so many things that have helped my family. Thank you for everything.”

“They are a compassionate, informative, helpful organization and have been invaluable to our family.”

“My daughter was not getting the services she required at school and I was making no progress with her therapists. Cheryl Cisneros encouraged to attend an IEP training and it was truly life changing. I had so many “ah-ha moments” during the meeting and left feeling encouraged and like I had a real plan of action. Since then, my daughter’s IFSP has been completely re-written to reflect appropriate goals for her and all of her missed therapy time has been made up. Thank you Cheryl and Creating Opportunities for helping me find the tools to make school a success for my sweet girl.”

“The organization paved an easier road for my family. We gained the necessary skills, tools, and knowledge to successfully advocate on our child’s behalf. The organization was there during our struggles and accomplishments. They provided information, offered support, and took away the feeling that our family was alone.”

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We welcome you to join Creating Opportunities. As a member you will be joining a network of other local families and community members who are supporting children with disabilities to live their lives to the fullest, while strengthening their families and communities. You are not alone!

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